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Innovative Air Solutions is the #1 Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor in Orange, TX and the surrounding areas. Servicing all brands , our teams are skilled in Air Conditioning and Heating repairs, maintenance, installation, and much more! Our team takes the time to inform our customers about their units, and how to fix small problems that may arise. Here at Innovative Air Solutions we believed an informed decision based on previous knowledge is a safe decision.

How Much Does an Air Conditioning Contractor Cost?

When you’re air conditioning unit starts acting up and is in need of repair, you start searching for the cheapest and best contractor options. Finding a good contractor to handle repairs can be a challenging task. The price of contractors cost vary drastically with multiple depending factors. Contact Innovative Air Solutions today! Our comfort advisor are standing by eager to help get your air conditioner back up and running.

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Common Problems with Air Conditioning Systems:

Air Conditioner is Freezing Up Outside Unit

Your unit could be freezing up due to a number of issues including: Insufficient Airflow, Low Outside Temperature, Low Coolant Levels, Blower Motor Problems, Stuck Contractor.

Leaking Refrigerant

A sign of leaking refrigerant is your Air Conditioner not working properly as it struggles to keep a constant temperature. Leaking refrigerant can cause a host of problems including: freezing coils, damaged compressor, and high power usage.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Outside The Unit

On hot humid days finding water outside your unit, especially when it’s running, is considered normal. It is also normal to see water outside your unit on days where the temperature is less than 60 degrees. Due to coils freezing and unfreezing. Alternate causes of water outside your unit could be a clogged filters, a blocked pipe or low coolant levels.

You May Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit if:

How Old Is Your Unit?

Units around 15 years of age are nearing their life expectancy and may begin to preform poorly.

Your Utility Bill Seems A Little High

When your AC or Heating Unit is struggling to cool/heat your home this can result in higher utility bills.

Less Efficient or Leaking Unit

Signs of Mold or Mildew in the Vents or Air Ducts

It can be very hard to full clean a unit once mold and mildew appears. Leaving these issues untreated can result in illness, and poor indoor health quality.