Heat Load Calculations

Many of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems designed for and installed in the Orange, TX area homes and businesses are unnecessarily oversized and operating inefficiently. At Innovative Air Solutions, we know the importance of a properly sized system. Preforming a heat load calculation can increase comfort, value, and efficiency.

Orange, TX Heat Load Calculations

Preform a Heat Load Calculation to Ensure You're Using the Correct AC Unit

This procedure calculates the amount of BTUHs (British Thermal Units per Hour) of heat your home gains in the summer, as well as the amount of heat lost in the winter. It measures the cubic footage, insulation factors, efficiency of windows and doors, and overall direction and orientation your home is facing. The end result is a comprehensive calculation of the exact amount of heating your home requires during the winter, as well as the cooling required during the summer. Gathering this information informs our Comfort Advisors how much power output is needed to maintain your home at a comfortable temperature.

What Is Our Process for Heat Load Calculations?

When you work with our Innovative Air Solutions experts, we will take the time to examine your home and locate any hot or cold spots. We use a laser measurement system to pinpoint spots that need attention. This process only takes about 30-60 minutes for us to gather all needed data then input them into a program back at headquarters where we can make recommendations based on this information.

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Why Perform Heat Load Calculations?

Effects of Installing an Oversized Unit

Using the square footage of floor area to determine the needed size for your HVAC unit can often result in the installation of an oversized units. This can be harmful as it will continuously cycle on and off, or short cycle. The downsides to this are inefficiency, inability to achieve expected comfort, lack of moisture control, and premature aging of your units.

Downsides of Installing an Undersized Unit

When people purchase an undersized air conditioning unit, they’re often unable to cool their homes efficiently. This wastes lots of energy and causes extra wear on the system since it’s constantly running. To avoid this problem contact Innovative Air Solutions. Our professional team will arrive and preform a heat load calculation to ensure you’re purchasing the correct sized unit for your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Heat Load Calculation?

Knowing the proper sized unit is needed to cool and heat your home provides numerous benefits; not just saving money

Proper System and Duct Sizing

Many homes are built/installed with systems and ducts that are several sizes too big. By correcting these sizes you will no longer need to spend excess money to power a unit that is too big or a unit that is too small.

Lower humidity levels

Eliminating humidity levels within your home decreases the chances of illness, congestion , and possible mold growth.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

This means a decrease in the amount of pollen, dander, pet hair, allergens, and other pesky elements that can lead to difficulty breathing.

Increase Overall Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Knowing the required size unit needed to cool and heat your home can vastly improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems. A properly sized unit will not have to overwork itself constantly, or in the case for larger units, will not sit idle.