Air Conditioning Installation

As the summer approaches, you may find yourself concerned with your existing air conditioner and how it’s been running. But don’t worry! Innovative Air Solutions can help. Our team of comfort advisors will inspect your unit for signs of repair. We have been serving our community of Orange, TX and the surrounding areas for over ten years. Our team is experienced and ready to help with repairs, installation, and more. We are prepared to answer any question you may throw our way. Give us call for all your AC installation needs today.

Servicing Orange, TX and the Surrounding Areas for Over 10 Year.

Taking The Stress Out Of Air Conditioning Installation

When it comes to installing your new Air conditioning unit Innovative Air Solutions has your back. We know all the twisted and turns it takes when it comes to deciding on which unit is best for you and your home. We walk you through the steps of selecting the perfect unit that compliments the size of your home and the needs of your family. Not all units are the same. Innovative Air Solutions has the tools on hand to correctly remove and dispose of your old unit safely, before connecting your new unit.

What is the Average Cost of Installing A New Air Conditioning Unit

Installing a new air conditioning unit can be expensive, depending on the size and type of system you need. Cost can range depending on the model of units, services included and hook-up location. We offer free estimates to make sure that what we recommend is right for your home or office. So give us a call today!

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You May Need to Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit if:

No air coming from the vents when the AC is on.

This could be due to a number of reasons, with the most common being a clogged air filter or dust caked on the metal air vents.

The thermostat setting does not change or adjust to a different temperature.

If your thermostat is having trouble reading the temperature in the room it will be unable to adjust the temperature in your home properly. The causing factors could be dirty thermostat, possible corrosion, or the placement of your thermostat.

Air conditioner makes loud noises, rattling sounds, vibrates and/or pops.

Loud startling noises is signs that something important may be wrong. Contacting your local trusted HVAC team at Innovative Air Solutions should be your first step.

Perks Of Purchasing A New Air Conditioning Unit

Newer Air Conditioning Models Last Longer and Provide Increased Benefits Compared to Older Styled Models
Improved Air Quality Inside The Home, Decreases the Amount of Pollen, Dander, and Allergens in the Air
New Technology and Features to Give You Maximum Indoor Climate Control to Cool Your House to the Ideal Temperature.
Aged Units Struggle to Keep Indoor Temperatures Comfortable, Leading to Increased Utility Bills Due to Longer Running Times. Newer Model Units Maintain Comfortable Indoor Temperatures With Ease, Meaning Shorter Run Times and Money Savings