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Air Conditioning Repair Services

Innovative Air Solutions is proud to provide the home and business owners of Beaumont, TX with solutions to all of their HVAC needs. Our team of professional technicians has been servicing Texas for over ten years. We offer fair upfront pricing and explain step by step any needed repairs. The experts at Innovative Air Solutions install and service all types of air conditioning systems in Beaumont, Texas. We know the importance of keeping your air conditioner running well, and we’ve got you covered! We offer a variety of services that can keep this important system up-to-date.

Whether it’s an upgrade to a more energy efficient unit or purchase for first time buyers, our team is here to help determine what would work best with your needs and budget. If you’re happy with how things are going currently but want some advice on maintenance tips so they last longer? No worries! From regular tune ups in order to prolong its life span all the way down through replacement parts if needed – without any extra cost – we’ve got just what you need.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair AC?

Prices for AC repair project vary greatly by issue, part, project complexity or company. Keep in mind that many contractors calculate rates based on the job rather than hourly labor as well – repairs needed for small window units will probably be less expensive then fixing central ac system issues like leaks or broken pumps due to their simplicity (though break down more often).

Trust Innovative Air Solutions with all your Air Conditioning Repair needs. Our team of technicians are experienced and trained to handle all varieties of potential repairs. From frozen coils to clogged filters. We know how expensive air conditioning repairs can be. We offer up front pricing and walk your through each step needed for routine maintenance and minor repairs you can handle on your own.

How Long Do AC Units Last in Texas?

Air conditioners can last anywhere from 10-15 years in Beaumont, Texas, but most warranties cover repairs and replacements for the first ten. If you take some time to care for your air conditioning unit in Texas regular maintenance, changing air filters, and scheduling repairs, then an AC may be able to survive all 15 of those years! Below are some steps you can take to extend the lifespan of your AC Unit:

  • Change Filters – clogged air filters can lead to increased particles and dust inside the air of your home. It also effects the efficiency of your unit and block proper air flow.
  • Keeping The Air Clear – Outside, the area around your air conditioning unit should be clear and free of any wandering vegetation or large decorations. Inside you should refrain from placing large objects or towers of boxes around your vents.
  • Keep An Ear Out – being aware of strange noises from your air conditioning unit such as , hissing, popping, or clanking, can help with early identification of major problems.

Considering getting a new unit? Or need to schedule an inspection or repair? Contact Innovative Air Solutions in Beaumont, Texas! Our team of trained technicians skillfully inspect and pinpoint a wide variety of issues and offer well explained solutions.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioning repairs and routine maintenance are just a fact of life. In order to keep your unit running efficiently scheduling routine inspections are a must. Eventually, as every homeowner knows your air conditioning unit will require repairs. Over time as more repairs are needed you may be faced with the question : ‘repair or replace’?  New units can be costly, below is a list of factors to consider when making your decision.

  • Safety – Consider your safety in the situation. If your heating system is presenting a safety hazard, then it should be common sense to replace it, particularly if the repair is going to be costly and temporary.
  • Lifespan – Consider your units lifespan. Most units last 15-20 years. Repeatedly needing repairs during this time calls for a possible replacement. But if your unit continues to run well and have only minor and few between issues, consider a simple repair.
  • Cooling/Heating Effectiveness – If your unit is struggling to cool or heat your home, or is no longer working at all it may be time to consider purchasing a replacement. As units age their effectiveness goes down and you will begin to notice warm and cold spots throughout your home.
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