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How Do You Heat a Commercial Building?

 Is there a better and more efficient way that your doing now? Even before you begin your search for the HVAC contractor, you need to know your options. What kind of heating unit do you want in your home?

The cold season is upon you, so it’s time to get your home or commercial property well-heated. Here are a few good ways to keep warm and cozy during the winter months!

The coming of snow means that we must prepare for our homes in anticipation of the wind chill factor — those temperatures can quickly drop below freezing when there’s no insulation from the outside air. To ensure proper comfort levels at all times, here are some methods for heating up indoors:

  • Central Warm Air Furnace –  This furniture uses heated air which blows through ducts to deliver warm air throughout the home because there are strategically placed vents in each room for this purpose, such as a living-room or bedroom vent that can be closed when not needed. There are three types of furnaces: gas powered, electric powered and oil fueled furnaces with different benefits based upon preference.
  • Steam or Hot Water System – Steam is a highly efficient method of transferring heat. It has a low mass density and is not limited to temperatures. It is fast and has great control. Steam may be efficient, but do your homework over if a hot water system or boiler fits your needs better.
  • Heat Pump – Heat pumps are the newest energy-efficient innovation for heating and cooling. They collect heat from a cold area of your home to release it into another room, allowing you to conserve more money on electricity bills than ever before!
  • Floor, Wall, or Pipeless Furnace – The combustion of the fuel heats up a chamber that emits warm air to adjacent rooms. The furnace is located beneath the floor and delivers heat through ducts or radiates it out from below.
  • Heating Stove – Heating stoves are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your home. They can burn gas, wood or pellet fuel depending on what type of heat you’re looking for- whether it be old time traditional feel or modern. The heating stove is connected with the perfect chimney that allows hot combustible gases fill up through ventilating pipes which provide an even temperature throughout the room!
  • Room Heater – Compact space heaters are commonly used to supplement inadequate heating. Radiant room heaters produce infrared radiation that directly warms objects and people within the room, so you can feel the warmth even if it’s not right in front of your face.
  • Fireplace –  Fireplaces are the perfect way to stay warm during the cold months. Not only do they provide a comforting glow, but you can save on your heating bill with just one purchase!Fireplace purchases could be worth up to 20-40% off of your annual heating costs–all thanks to those cozy fireplaces and their ability help regulate heat throughout different areas in various rooms!

What Types of Heat are Used in Commercial Buildings?

The cost of installation is not the only factor to consider when installing a new commercial heating system. A business owner should also take into account how much they’ll have to spend on maintenance and repair over time, and which type will cause less environmental damage in their city.

To help guide you through your decision contact Innovative Air Solutions today to learn about each of the heating options listed below. Our team of trained professionals will arrive to preform a heat calculation of your commercial property so we can properly recommend  the type of heating that is best fit for your property.

  • Oil Or Gas Steam Heating Systems

  • Gas Or Oil Water Heating Systems

  • Natural Energy Systems

  • Heat Pump Systems

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How Much Does a Commercial HVAC System Cost?

Your actual cost will depend on your project’s specific requirements, but you can get a rough estimate from various industry sources. General costs can be broken down by taking the following into account.

  • Recreational Buildings These style of buildings tend to be large empty spaces that will hold large gatherings.
  • Office Buildings  require multiple units with increased duct work to transfer cool and hot area throughout the building and into each room on different stories.
  • Residential Buildings – The cost to cool or heat residential buildings depend on the type of piping your home has and your home’s square footage
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