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Innovative Air Solutions is your one-stop shop for HVAC repair and installation. We have the skills to fix any commercial unit that you can throw at us, including all makes and models!

With Innovative Air Solutions, there is no need to worry about your refrigeration needs. We are specialists in quality service for all cooling units and equipment including coolers, freezers, coils and more!

We provide professional installation services that include the following: -coolers -freezers -refrigerators –coils –cases (canned goods) –condensing unit(s)–compressor

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What is Commercial Refrigeration System?

Commercial refrigeration refers to the cold storage equipment used in commercial settings. Examples include the reach-in refrigerators and freezers found in supermarkets, specialty food stores, convenience stores and grocery stores. The walk-in refrigerators and freezers found in restaurants and cafeterias would also be considered commercial refrigeration equipment.

What is The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration?

One of the biggest differences between commercial and industrial applications is that in a lot more cases, commercials are new construction whereas industrials often have to be retrofit or expansions for plants. One other difference is how they’re used: while most commericals tend to be indoors projects, industry jobs will normally spend 60% outdoors with 40% being inside (with some exceptions). This makes according only certain materials when doing an upgrade. 

Workers in the construction industry are often able to choose between working on commercial or industrial projects. Commercial jobs have a reduced need for secondary jacketing, and there is less congestion with work that has been released by stages as a job progresses such as condominiums being released once floors have been completed. Industrial jobs require the contractor’s services until completion no matter what stage of production it is at; this means they must be bid out typically based either on time-and-materials or cost plus basis

Some of the equipment and units we service:

If you have a commercial refrigerator, Innovative Air Solutions is here to help keep it running at its best with quality repairs and service. Whether your goal is installing new refrigeration equipment or simply getting the compressor serviced for an older company fridge, we can accommodate those needs in a timely and efficient way without costing too much money. Helping you meet your goals has been our top priority since day one!

  • Ice Machines
  • Beer Dispensing Equipment
  • Food Display Cases
  • Sub-Tables
  • Reach-ins – Both freezer and refrigerators
  • Walk-ins – Both freezer and refrigerators
  • Uprights – Both freezer and refrigerators
  • Bar Back Equipment
  • Prep Tables and Buffets
  • Condensers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporator Coils
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Can I Use a Commercial Refrigerator At Home?

For those of us who enjoy cooking and may be looking to up your game. It would make sense to turn your attention to commercial refrigeration or ovens. Surely this will allow you to store more food, cook faster and host larger parties; however it may be best to leave the commercial equipment out of your domestic home. Below is a list of why this may be:
  • Noisy Nuisance – majority of commercial equipment is designed to be installed in a loud bustling restaurant kitchen. Therefore their idle running is louder and constant
  • Gas and Electricity Difficulties – Because commercial equipment is meant for constant, heavy-duty use, these units have power requirements exceeding what most residences can produce. If you are installing an electric unit, in some cases you may need to rewire your outlet from 120V to 220V or from single phase to three phase. Most homes aren’t wired for this, meaning you would need an expensive new circuit installed.
  • Safety Concerns – Ovens and Fridges designed for domestic use are designed with amateur cooks and children in mind. Their exteriors are meant to remain cool even while on.In contrast commercial ovens and fridges get very hot and generally require large side or rear clearances. Even with proper spacing, most units specify that all adjacent surfaces must be non-combustible, meaning you will have to invest in stainless steel wall coverings and counters
  • Cleaning and Maintenance – due to their largest size commercial equipment require large scale cleaning , using harsh chemicals. Maintenance for commercial units is vastly different from domestic equipment, often times requiring professional technicians.

Need to hire a technical to preform repairs, maintenance or inspections on your commercial fridge or oven? Trust Innovative Air Solutions with all your Commercial needs.
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