A cozy home is the best way to combat a cold winter. Make sure your heating system can do its part by getting it inspected and any needed repairs done before you get too deep into this season’s chill! Call us for all of your heater or furnace needs in Orange, Texas and surrounding areas. 409.883.9616

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There’s nothing worse than being stuck at home on a cold winter day with no heating system. When temperatures drop, you’re risking frozen pipes and other issues that can cause major damage to your property – so make sure your heater or furnace are in good working order this season! For appointments for Orange, Texas homes and surrounding areas, call Innovative Air Solutions today to schedule an appointment. We offer upfront fair pricing by professional technicians.

What is Most Efficient Heating System?

Geothermal systems provide the most efficient type of heating. Geothermal systems are safe, environmentally friendly and can cut heating bills by up to 70%. The Initial investment in the system is higher than other types of heat pumps. Furthermore once installed it will be necessary for you to dig holes and trenches into your yard where pipes must be placed within sight of each other so that they form loops. However, a geothermal heat pump can usually pay for itself with the monthly savings within about five years.

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Perks of Installing a New Heater

Lower Utility Bills

When you invest in a new energy-efficient system, not only can it result in lower utility bills; but also ensure that your home remains safe and comfortable. A more efficient use of power will lead to lower monthly expenses on heating and cooling while keeping your family healthy too!

Peace of Mind

We all have a lot to do each day, with more and more work needing to be done it seems with each passing day. Don’t let heating and cooling repairs be another stress on your mind. Schedule maintenance appointments with Innovative Air Solutions to ensure your HVAC system is running at peak performance.

Indoor Comfort

Say good-bye to uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout your home. Purchasing a new unit will come with upgraded technology and a unit that will run more efficiently. Thus, eliminating temperature inconsistencies

Common Furnace Problems

When it comes to your furnace, there are many potential problems. From time-to-time you may need a repairman. Some common issues the system might encounter include:

Clogged Filters

The most common issue of a clogged filter is no replacing the air filter every 1 to 3 months. This can lead to dust, dirt, and debris accumulating in your system. This buildup can cause the unit to overwork and can lower the indoor air quality in your home.

Wear and Tear

Over time as your unit ages parts will begin to wear down and no longer function as they should. This could lead to multiple costly repairs with the end result being the purchase of a new heating unit all together.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon monoxide is an orderless, tasteless gas that is highly dangerous when inhaled over extended periods of time. When your unit malfunctions due to faulty wiring or old age, it can begin leaking carbon monoxide. Routine inspections and maintenance from Innovative Air Solutions can catch troubling areas of increased wear and tear, along with age. We can recommend when it’s time to bring in a new unit to help keep your home cool and your family safe.

Hot and Cold Spots

No you don’t have a ghost, more likely your heater is failing to warm your house at an even rate. As your heater struggles to pump warm air throughout the home you may notice room or parts of the house with uneven temperatures.