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Innovative Air Solutions offers boiler installation and repair services in Orange , Texas and surrounding areas. Boilers provide a highly effective heat option, have a long life, can reach high heating efficiencies, and some types require little or no pumping energy. Our team of professional technicians pride ourselves on delivering unmatched customer service and results.

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Professional Boiler Installation and Replacement

Boilers are like a heating system but better. They eliminate the need for ductwork, which is great if you have allergies because it means that dust and other allergens won’t be circulating around your house. Boilers also produce more even heat than central heating systems so there’s less chance of blistering cold spots or sweltering hot ones with boiler installation as opposed to replacement in an existing HVAC setup. Boiler installation comes complete with many benefits: they’re easier on indoor air quality (they don’t circulate anything inside), reduce levels of dust in homes due to their lack of vents, can help make houses energy-efficient by using water instead of air when transferring heat from one area to another. We work with the industry’s best brands to install boiler systems that stand the test of time. Our team will preform a heat load calculation for your home in order to install the most efficient boiler. In addition to new installations, we can also handle boiler replacement. If your system is over 50 years old and beginning to have frequent issues, we’re here to help.

How much Should a Boiler Service Cost

Most systems last 15 years or longer while individual units usually perform reliably for many years due to their lack of mechanical parts. If they are over 10years old it might be time to consider replacement rather than simple services if you want the system running in tip-top shape!

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How Does a Boiler Work?

The boiler is controlled/turned on with an electric switch, which when turned on, opens a valve where the gas enters a combustion chamber. There is a continuous stream of natural gas via a pipe attached to the home’s gas main, usually from the street, that feeds a fire inside this chamber. Its electric ignition system is what lights these small jets of gas. The gas jets fire onto a heat exchanger connected to the water pipe carrying the cold water. The heat exchanger takes the gas-generated heat and heats the water, typically to around 140F (60C). The now-hot water is pushed throughout the home. An electric pump inside or very near the boiler keeps the water flowing through the loop of pipes and radiators.

Is a Boiler Right for My Home?

Typically, boilers are categorized into different types based on their fuel type, working pressure and temperature, size and capacity, draft method, and whether or not they condense the water vapor in the combustion gases. Sometimes boilers are described by some by their key components, such as heat exchanger materials or tube design. The two main types of boilers are Firetube and Watertube boilers. In the former, the Firetube boiler, combustion hot gases flow through a system of tubes surrounded by water. In the latter, the Watertube boiler, water flows in the inside of the tubes, and the combustion hot gases flow around the outside of the tubes.

When to Schedule Boiler Repair

The boiler is a wonderfully efficient heating system. It has fewer issues than other types of systems, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged by problems as well! Our certified technicians are able to identify and solve any type of problem with the boiler – from minor annoyances like clogged pipes or malfunctioning parts, all way up to major ones such as burst water tanks or cracked boilers.

Strange Noises Such as Gurgling, Rumbling, or Whistling

Most large electrical units produce a familiar sound that means it’s working correctly, sometimes you don’t hear them at all, but keep your ears open. Strange noises or harsh sounds coming from your boiler could be sign of a major issues and is in need of inspection or repair.

Low Water Pressure

A boiler heats your home by using heat to warm water and distribute it throughout your home. Water is very important to a boiler system, meaning low water pressure could cause the boiler to overheat and not run efficiently. Contact Innovative Air Solutions to inspect water levels to ensure your unit is running at peak performance.

Not Responding to Thermostat

When thermostats fail to respond it could be due to a host of problems. The most common is simply a broken thermostat which should and can be replaced quickly. Failing to notice or repair a non-responding thermostat can cause your boiler to over heat your home.

No Hot Water, Heat, or Won't power On

This issue can be caused by anything from faulty motorized valves, broken system diaphragms and airlocks, to low pressure or a broken thermostat. Innovative Air Solutions offers 24hr emergency HVAC repair services specifically to handle moments when you find yourself without heat or air.