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Home automation is the future. No longer do you have to rely on your next-door neighbor for help, or be stuck inside because of a hot summer day: now with Wi-Fi and today’s technology a smart phone, tablet, computer you can control any device anywhere. You can adjust the temperature from inside your Orange, Texas home while out of state visiting relatives.

Home Automation Installation Services Orange , Texas

Home Automation Systems and How They Work

Hocking up a home automation system inside your home is the way of the future. As our world become more and more reliant on technology it would only make sense to bring these advancements into our homes. Innovative Air Solutions explains the cost and benefits of equipping your home with an automation system. Controlled by your smart phone or other smart device, we sync your lights, tv, door alarms, and other electronics to your phone. This allows you to control everything at the touch of a button.

How much does it cost to automate a home?

On average the cost to fully automate your home depends heavily on the size of your home and the type and extent of automation you’re planning to incorporate into your home. Call our office for more information.

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Is Home Automation worth the money?

Smart Home Hub

Smart home hubs are similar to amazon’s Alexia. This device allows you to control all smart electrical devices inside your home, either using your phone, tablet, laptop, or voice control.

Smart Thermostat

Heating and cooling accounts for almost 50 percent of the energy usage in the average U.S. home. Smart thermostats learn your daily habits, and automatically turn on and off at set points in the day to make sure you’re not heating or cooling an empty house. Forgot to turn the porch light off, you can check using the home automation app on your phone. Saving power, saves money.

Smart Security Systems

Unlock your doors with a flick of the wrist. With smart locks, you can lock and unlock them remotely without having to hand out keys. Dogs walkers and cleaners will be able to get in on their own time while still respecting the privacy of your home! Control garage doors, and security cameras with ease from your phones and be alerted when someone enters your property.

Improving Your Home with Automation

Home automation is the countries fastest growing investment. More and more homes are being built with some sort of home automation built into the systems of their homes. With each passing year our lives become more and more enriched by the invention of new technology. Being able to control the inner workings of your home while away using just your phone provides a sense of control and comfort.

Heating and cooling

The most common part of the home that is automated is the HVAC systems. You can easily adjust the temperature inside your home using just your phone. This can be done while away on a trip or while resting at home.


We’ve all been there. We leave home for work or to run errands and we ask ourselves : ‘ Did I remember to turn all the lights off”. Forgetting to switch off lights can lead to increased electricity bills. Equipping your home with home automation will allow you to check each light switch in your home to see if anything was left running. At night you can go to bed and ensure all the lights are off before bed.

Locks/home security systems

Put your mind at ease. Control your home’s security from your smartphone, while away or at home. Home automation is on a rise in Orange, TX and you can trust Innovative Air Solutions to properly install the home automation system. Alerts will be sent to your phone through your security system any time someone tries to enter your home.

Cleaning and Cooking

When it comes to home automation cooking and cleaning isn’t the first feature that comes to mind. It may be strange at first but telling when your kitchen appliance when to run or turn off can quickly become a favored connivence.