Routine maintenance of your Air Conditioning and Heating systems are essential in Orange, TX. The Texas heat often requires us to run our units all year long, putting large amounts of stress on the unit. Innovative Air Solutions offers a tiered maintenance program that offers yearly to bi-yearly maintenance services. Our professional team goes through your entire HVAC system inspecting it for any signs of needed repairs. Our Comfort advisors will change any filters and chemicals that are in need of replacement. Remembering to keep up with maintenance helps ward off costly future repairs.

HVAC System Maintenance Orange, TX

Air Conditioner and Heating Maintenance

Proper air conditioner and heating maintenance takes time and money to perform on a regular basis. Many of the maintenance services require the knowledge, skills, and tools of a professional. But there are things you can do to help your system last longer. Changing filters monthly, keeping the space around your unit clear and being alert for odd sounds coming from your unit are all warning signs your system may be in need of repair. Innovative Air Solutions offers maintenance plans that service your home yearly to help ensure your HVAC System is running efficiently. During the maintenance or service call, our technician will make any necessary repairs and/or alert you of a possible problem areas. Call Innovative Air Solutions today to schedule a service call or purchase a maintenance plan.

How much should HVAC maintenance cost?

Regular AC maintenance servicing costs vary depending on the size of your home, the required amount of work and the number of air conditioning / heating units a home currently has. Some home can have upwards of 2 or 3 units. Innovative Air Solutions maintenance prices are per unit.

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What To Expect During a Routine Maintenance Visit

Shut off the Power to the Unit

Shutting off the power to the unit that is under inspection helps protect the technicians, yourself and your home. This keeps any electrical surges from backing up into your home or shocking anyone nearby.

Examine All of the Inner Components of the System

Our Innovative Air Solutions technicians take the time to examine the parts and condition of your HVAC system. This ensures everything is running correctly and that nothing is in need of cleaning or repairs.

Inspecting for Wear and Tear

Inspect the belts and other parts to look for signs of wear and tear. If one of our Comfort Advisors finds a part that should be replaced they will alert you to the issue and ask if you want them to replace the part during the inspection. This will help prevent your unit from needing repairs later down the line.

Complete HVAC Maintence

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our professional technician will check and clean the connections, coils, blower components, lines, refrigerant, drain, fuses, and thermostat(s), as well as lubricate all working parts.

Heat Pump Maintenance

For heat pumps, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed in the fall, same as furnaces and boilers. Our professional technician will check and clean ducts, filters, blower, indoor coil, ducts, refrigerant, electric terminals, connections, motors, and belts, as well as lubricate all working parts.

Air-Filtration System Maintenance

Changing or cleaning your filter on a regular basis will ensure the best filtration for your home as well as extend the life of the system. If you need any assistance or would like to install an air-filtration system, feel free to talk with one of our professionals at Innovative Air Solutions.

Boiler Maintenance

A boiler is complex and requires a professional to check and clean it on annual basis. During your maintenance service, our professional technicians will clean and check your boiler’s burners, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, and more, along with all connected components, as well as your thermostat(s) and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors.