Zoning Systems provide flexibility and control of heated and cooled airflow throughout your home for a more comfortable household.

iHarmony Zoning System

Works alongside your iComfort S30 and iComfort Wi-Fi thermostats for easy control over your home’s heating and cooling

• Four-area zoning
• Designed to work with iComfort® S30 and iHarmony zone sensors
• Automatic changeover between heating and cooling operation
• Program daily or weekly schedules for each zone
• Able to be controlled remotely by a smartphone or web-enabled device
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

Harmony III Zoning System

Customized comfort for every corner of your room.
• Four-area zoning
• Designed specifically for Lennox® residential variable-speed, non-communicating equipment applications
• Enhances quiet operation
• 2-Year Limited Warranty

LZP-4 Zoning System

Room-by-room comfort control.
• Four-area zoning
• Supports up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cool
• Works for multi-stage conventional, heat pump, air conditioner or dual-fuel applications
• Provides precise comfort by allowing control of heated and cooled airflow
• 2-Year Limited Warranty

LZP-2 Zoning System

Two-area zoning control of heated and cooled airflow
• Two-area zoning
• Provides flexibility and control of heated and cooled airflow
• Works with single-stage air conditioning applications
• Robust Push Terminals to easily connect wires
• 2-Year Limited Warranty