Trane Home App

Enjoy next-level comfort and control with the Trane Home app. Connect your smart comfort system to the app so you can adjust your temperature, set your schedule and monitor your HVAC usage from virtually anywhere.

Temperature Control at The Touch of A Button

Take control of the temperature inside your home. Using the Trane Home App, complete control is at your fingertips. Too hot? Open up the app and adjust the temperature to the ideal setting. With the Trane Home App your home will remain cozy and comfortable all year round.

Be Heard, Adjust Your Thermostat Using Just Your Voice

Recent advances in voice recognition technology have made it possible to control your home just by talking! Connect with Alexa or Google Home and you never need touch a thermostat again. Just say “Alexa, set the temperature up 5 degrees” and she’ll do all the work for you.

Save At Home and In Your Bank Account

The Trane Home App allows you to schedule the run pattern of your air conditioner and heater. Allowing you to enter a power saving mode while away from home , and adjusting temperatures as the seasons change.Ultimately saving you money on your utility bill.